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Re: Biweekly Book Thread #6

Originally Posted by bellatrix93 View Post
Do you turn down the page where you stop, or do you use a bookmark?
I use a scrap of paper (currently a train ticket from Eindhoven to The Hague), but mostly I just close the book and the search for the page I left it at.

How fast do you usually go through a book?
Quite slowly - I never just read, I exercise my analytical skills because I'm constantly afraid I'm losing touch with my philological education. Also, when I read in English, I've taken to stopping every two sentences to think of the best way to translate phrases.

Have you ever turned to the last page and checked the last word/line in the book? Do you do that often?
I do this constantly. When I start to feel tired of reading, especially if it's at a part requiring focused attention, I flip forward and read parts from the book there. I've spoilt pretty much every book I've read for myself, including the Harry Potter books.

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