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Re: Rereading.

What do you think of rereading books?

I reread all the time. For me it's like catching up with a long-lost friend. And especially that I have to budget out my time by rediscovering the library and rereading what I already have.

What books do you like rereading?

I will reread Christian Fiction, HP, and anything else I get in the mood for.

Have you ever changed your mind about a book after rereading?
Depends on the book really. Robert Jordan's WHeel of TIme, I've reread several times and while I didnt change my mind about the book, I have about a couple of characters. If I hate the book the first time, I usually can't stomach picking it up again to reread. HP and the Sorcerer's Stone was an exception. My college roommate had to read it for her Children's Literature class and she asked me to read it and give her enough info to pass the test, so I did. At that moment, I wasn't too keen on it. Then the movie came out while I was teaching, so I saw the movie and then decided to try the book again. I was hooked.


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