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Re: Rereading.

Originally Posted by freelantzer View Post
I love rereading and have always done it--it's natural to me. Some people don't understand why anyone would reread, but I don't understand why anyone wouldn't reread. I can't really imagine why people wouldn't want to reread a book they liked. It's just like wanting to watch a movie more than once. So what if you already know the plot? There's so much more depth there. Plus, it's like revisiting an old friend--I reread for the experience of inhabiting that world again.

I feel the same way!

What do you think of rereading books?
It totally enhances the reading experience.

What books do you like rereading?
Good books. Like Harry Potter and other series where I fell in love with the characters. Or other series that have a big plot revelation at the end and by re-reading you learn so much more, and go "Oh! Now that makes sense!"

Have you ever changed your mind about a book after rereading?
I can't think of a specific book that I didn't like as much...maybe Twilight. I used to love it, way back before New Moon came out. But now I'm kind of sick of that story.
But with most books, like Harry Potter, re-reading has made me love the series even more!

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