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Re: Have you ever got really angry/offended at a book?

Originally Posted by AnneAnne View Post
Like everyone else said, Twilight, or for me it was actually New Moon and Eclipse, made me cringe. Bella's character is everything that I stand against. She is obsessive over Edward who is UNREALISTICALLY perfect, and leads on Jacob. She is all around selfish, and her dependency on men is unhealthy. She is a 17 year old girl who goes out with a man who has been 17 forever. How does such a relationship work? Even if she is supposedly very mature.
I know!! It was so annoying! And when Edward left her, it was oh so obvious he was faking, and thaht is reading everything from her POV, and yet she believed it! And then she's always hurting Jacob, who is such a great guy. I mean, Edward is always lying, keepiing things hidden, running or something and he's so.... agh! And yet, she goes with him because 'she can't live without him', even if she know she loves Jacob. I hate Bella so much! And I really see Edward as such a perfect person, I mean, for someone so old, you'd think he wouldn't make the most obvious mistakes always, and falling for such a plain and selfish girl.

But... I liked them.

I totally loved Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the wind, precisley because she's selfish, and thinks so much of herself is what makes Scarlett, Scarlett. I think Margaret Mitchell did an awesome job, becuase all writers tend to make their protagonists so perfect and even when they make mistakes they miss the humilliating part. Scarlett was selfish, and was always recieving what she deserved. But the way they thought about black people as tehir personal little monkeys made me sick! And the way some of them (Mammy, Prissy,...) played the part so well made me even angrier!

A book that made me so angry that I throw it away... Never.

But when I read Movie Dick I fell asleep every two pages or so. I spent nearly two weeks just reading the first three chapters... honestly!

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