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Re: Is it okay to still read books meant for younger audiences as an adult?

Of course it's okay! How could I say anything else, my highest wish for Christmas 2008 was a fairytale book! I read Artemis Fowl, Roald Dahl's books, fairytales, etc, and I love them all! When I am tired of all these heavy (in more than one sense) books I like to read, or am too exhausted to read much, I pick up a Roald Dahl book I loved when I was 8, or read a fairytale I remember from when I was little. Though I'm often considered too old for Harry Potter, or fantasy/science fiction at all (mostly by people about my own age who think they are very grown-up and therefore do not read things like this, and look down at everyone who do), I still persuaded my parents to read Harry Potter, I still recommend Artemis Fowl and the like to everyone who like fantasy/science fiction, I still read fairytales with my brother (he's five years old) because I want to enjoy them with someone who loves them as much as I do.

If I ever stop reading books meant for younger audiences, please tell me I'm being childish, and show me this thread.


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