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Re: Have you ever got really angry/offended at a book?

Well I have to say I DID get really angry near the end of Eclipse. But NOT for all the reasons that everyone else has mentioned!! I personally realy enjoyed reading the books, but yes I agree they aren't the greatest written books ever, but are still fun to read. The bit that annoyed me though, actually made me shut the book and put it donw, and then shout to my friends at work who were in the lounge area at work that I didn't want to read any more. It was the bit where Bella lets Jacob kiss her after he actually threatened her. And at the point I just though it was dumb that she would sacrifice her relationship with the most perfect guy on earth who she is aparently in love with, over a stupid threat by some jumped up spoiled brat who can't get what he wants and has to bribe her to get her! Yes I do find the character of Bella annoying, and I did actually pick it back up and I found that it sort of redeemed itself..the whole point of that bit was so that Edward could just proe he was worth 100 of jacob, for figiving her for kissing him.

At the end of the day it's just a book! It's good we get frustrated, I'd rather get frustrated or annoyed at a plot or at the characters than have to stop reading the books cause I was bored. I mean, all you people who hated it all the way through still carried on reading!! Haha. I think that sometimes with books you have to remove yourself from your expectations of it and from your emotions if they are starting to become negative... because books aren't always going to go the way we want. I get annoyed at the endings of soooo many books but I just have to think that I didn't write it therefore it's bound to come out differently to what I expected, and I soon get over it

All was well...
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