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Re: Books you like but no one else has read?

I haven't read any of the books mentioned so far, I'll look them. I need a bit of reading inspiration, I've run out of books!

I really like The Rout of the Ollafubs by K.G Lethbridge, its a really good kids book that was published in the 60's, I definitely recommend it. It's quite hard to find, but it's a really sweet and odd.

Its about two kids called Skyboy and Littleflame, and there are a few different adventures that they go on. The Ollafubs are horrible, scaly, stupid, filthy monsters that live in the booming rocks below their village. The kids go there to pick fruit (no-one has seen the Ollafubs for years, so they weren't too scared), but nearly get caught by an Ollafub. They run away and get caught by a bear and taken back to his family, the bears are and all have westcounty accents. Anyway, there's a lot more, but its worth reading

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