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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)

1. What type do you generally like to read?
c) Next-Generation (Future Generations of kids)
d) Other (explain)

I'll give most things a try, but I've never really been able to get into Maurader-Era. Nobody writes the Trio like JK does so I don't read much Hogwarts-Era. I enjoy Next-Generation because you're free to go pretty much wherever you want with the characters because we know so little about them. I like little one-shots about minor characters which is why I chose option d).

2. What do you like better?
a) Storyline Fan-Fiction (Sticks to the storyline JK Rowling herself intended)

3) What genre do you like in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
a) General

But I don't mind a little romance weaved into it.

4) What do you particularly look for in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
Good writing and a story that captures my attention. And anything to do with Neville.

5) What do you not like to see in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
Americanisms, bad spelling, new characters who come to Hogwarts in their 5th year and have something to hide.

6) Have you written Harry Potter fan-fiction before?
Yes, but it wasn't very good. I don't mind doing one-shots but I'm not good at commiting to long stories.

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