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Re: Is it wierd to have a crush on a fictional character?

I think this is perfectly normal, even unavoidable. If a work of fiction does not touch my by making me care about the characters, why would I want to read/reread it/watch it? And a crush is one of the ways we can feel about a person, whether real or fictional. All my early crushes were on fictional characters - Han Solo of the first Star Wars movies was my first big one. (I dressed up as Leia for Halloween that year, ).

I also don't think you can say that crushing on some characters is OK, but not on others. Entering into a relationship with a psychopath in real life is VERY BAD NEWS, but thinking Tom Riddle or Hannibal Lecter or whoever, is fascinating and magnetic, is a totally different story (even though this is not my cup of tea). Remember, they are not real! It is no more dangerous to fantasize about them than about a fictional handsome, clean cut Eagle Scout who goes to church every Sunday. Either way, whatever happens is in your mind. And I can see where it could be much more interesting, especially if one dates/befriends the latter in real life.

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