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I used to post in Magical Masterpieces a long time ago! When the Lupin thread was still active Man, those were such good times.
And, a few days past, I was talking with some good friends, and I got nostalgic about the older days in fandom, and decided to post a little again.

I won't post everything again, but I'll add what's newest.


  Pic of Dumbledore being all dark and gloomy :P

Teddy talking to his parents

I have two really awesome friends, who have stuck with me forever. They were partly to blame for me getting into fandom. And, I really, really owed them some pictures. So, the following is a series of pics I did for them as a much belated thank you.

The main idea behind this series of pics is family, and what would have happened if Harry had been raised by other people. They are my friends' ideas, and they are super alternative universe. But, they were fun to make

Snape and Lily

Remus and Sirius

Remus and Tonks. There's Teddy, and Teddy got a sister as well

Dumbledore and Grindelwald. My friends think Grindelwald would have been like Piccolo or Vegeta

Dumbledore and McGonagall


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