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Re: The Secret World of Arrietty

I think what affected my enjoyment of Arrietty was the pacing and length of the film - attention to detail was wonderful, I always enjoy Studio Ghibli's artistic feats, but something about the pacing threw me ... It almost seemed anticlimactic for me, if that even makes sense. Did anyone else wonder how it was the borrowers, even though the people (aside from the crazy ol' lady) in favor of little people , were utterly paranoid of being seen? Its totally understandable, especially considering the delicate nature of borrowing without being seen, yet the whole feel seemed ... unmet. I don't know. I was actually waiting for the film to end, and when it did I was disappointed. Disappointed because you have the tension and conflict between giant and borrower, and it ends with his resolve to live ... but.

I don't know .. I don't know. I am certain if I focused more on it and actually refreshed my memory on their names I could articulate exactly why I disliked Arrietty or, rather, why it just ... didn't do it for me. I did still enjoy it, but even so. Eh.

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