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Re: The new Doctor Who v.5 (spoilers up to series 4 and specials and now series 5!)

Spoiler: show
This is a quote from a user named "Alan G McWhan" from the Gallifrey Base forums in regard to the Doctor sometimes wearing and sometimes not wearing his jacket while in the forest on Flesh & Stone. Some think it was a continuity error, but this user, like me, believe there is more to it:

It has been pointed out but it's nice to have its own thread - some are arguing it's a continuity error but there are no other sequences in the forest with the Doctor in his jacket so it can't be.

For my money, the "you leave the brakes on" / silent landing thing from Time of Angels is considerably more important than a throwaway gag - it's how this later Doctor manages to appear without anyone other than Amy spotting him. (All the clerics are facing away from Amy, the Doctor silently materialises the TARDIS beside her just after the other Doctor, River and Octavian leave the clearing...)

For what it's worth, I don't think it's worth scouring Eleventh Hour for what he said to 7 year old Amy - my suspicion is that the Doctor is the figure who runs past the window as Amy is waiting for him to come back. The smiling Amy at the end of the episode is not Amy's dream as many said after the episode aired but 7-year old Amy really hearing the TARDIS returning for her during the finale.

He does this specifically to create a paradox - the Amy the Doctor has been travelling with can't exist as her life has been informed by decisions (and therapy!) taken due to her disappointment in the Doctor not coming back.

The Doctor's actions in Flesh and Stone must therefore be him attempting to influence which path "time" itself chooses as the correct one by directly influencing Amy herself to remember the timeline where he returned to her rather than the one where he didn't...

Well, that's my theory anyway.
I think this theory is quite interesting and could very possibly be true. I think that after seeing the Doctor so happy when he realizes that time can be re-written, he decides to help it find the timeline he prefers hence Amy's lack of memory because she was with the Doctor and not on Earth for the Daleks and Cybermen, etc. Very cool and interesting theory.


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