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Re: His Dark Materials

Well, we can always hope... I suppose for me it's like the Wheel of Time. I've been waiting to see the end of that series since 1999. *despair*

There's no release date for The Book of Dust yet, but neither have we been told it's to be pushed back. I'm electing to see that as a good thing, though it could just as well go either way.

You know, I hate to be so picky.. but I want Pullman's publishers to give us a special edition.. I think we've waited long enough to merit us getting some special packaging... when I think of all the things he could involve...

I already had a big hardback omnibus of the books, and then I decided that I would get the special edition hardback of each of the three, and it really paid off. They're really beautiful and take pride of place on my shelf because they were the first books that ever challenged me to think things through more. The extras in the back are really clever- little snippets from Grumann's diary and pieces of maps, etc- it added something small but significant to the story, without a doubt. I would love to see that in the Book of Dust.



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