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Pollyjuice potion and Barty Crouch Jr.

Something I just realized this past weekend, watching the series on ABCFamily.

When Harry, Hermione, and Ron take the PJ potion, they still sound like themselves. Not only in CoS but also in DH1. It's a big plot point that they have to try to sound like the people they are impersonating. This is also true when the decoys take the potion at the beginning of DH1. So it's not that the potion affects underage people one way and adults another.

But during GoF, when Barty Crouch Jr is impersonating Mad Eye Moody via PJ potion, he sounds exactly like Mad Eye Moody. I don't recall if we ever find out exactly when BC Jr takes over MadEye, but the transition is seamless.

Why doesn't BC Jr sound like BC Jr? We hear enough of him in other places to know what he sounds like. And it isn't like MadEye.

Now some might claim that he has learned how to impersonate MadEye's voice, but that is a very difficult thing to do 24/7. And when he meets up with his father after the water event, it's not the voice that gives him away.

Was this just creative license on JKRowling's part? Or the movie makers? This has really started to bug me!

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