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Re: Grammys 2012

Really happy for Adele!!! She really deserved all her awards Her voice sounded amazing, as always. I expected her to have some trouble with her vocals after the operation, but she sounded absolutely perfect.

So many music legends performing last night!!! Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Paul McCartney!!! Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt's tribute to Etta James was also FANTASTIC. Their voices blended so well together.

I agree Chris Brown performing was tasteless, though. Still...he can certainly dance, I'll give him that.

Taylor Swift's performance of "Mean" was also amazing, imo. Her banjo playing was great, she is so so talented. Is there anything she can't do? Seriously My dad, who's always complaining about "the music nowadays" and was only really watching it for the Beach Boys and Paul McCartney, absolutely loved her song lol.

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