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Grammys 2012

Wasn't sure wether to place this in the music or the TV section, feel free to move

So, here are the Grammy 2012 nominees!

Not too many surprises there...As usual, Britney's been completely snubbed (which, imo, is still ridiculous. Say what you want about her, she basically defines pop music and all she's gotten in her entire career is one grammy...I actually think "Femme Fatale" should have been nominated for best pop album), Beyonce and, um...oh yeah, please get Regina Spektor a freaking grammy already!!!

Okie, rant done Only real surprises for me were Beyonce's "4" not getting nominated for Best R&B album, Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" not getting nominated for best album, and Lady Gaga not getting more nominations (3??? that's strange...)

Any thoughts?

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