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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by BrianTung View Post
I know I'm practicing a bit of thread necromancy, but...

I think this notion of Snape's being "successful" or not is an interesting one. Who gets to decide? In his dying moment (whether pounced to death by a snake, as in the movie, or encircled by a silvery globe, as in the book), I think it's rather appealing to look to Snape as the final arbiter.

It's impossible to know for sure, of course, but I think he would have made peace with his choice, ultimately. He was always fairly surly about it (having to live up to his oath to protect Harry)—but that was when he was alive and well, and could afford to be fairly surly about it. I imagine that as he was dying, he gave himself a moment to wallow in his feelings for Lily, and to fancy himself a martyr for her son. Pretty selfish...but also pretty human, too. (I don't mean to suggest that you implied otherwise.)

Snape is interesting to me because he is a mass of contradictions. I know that some folks here are (were) all one way about him, or all the other, but that to me drains the fascination out of him. The same quality that probably made him a good Occlumens—his ability to compartmentalize—also made him capable of maintaining aspects of his personality that others would have found mutually unsupportable.
Well by successful, I meant successfully overcoming his past and becoming a well-adjusted adult I don't see that he was successful in that regard.

I fell like JKR liked to make caricatures of certain characters, I think partly to portray an idea of the individual, but also, in large part, to introduce humor into the books. Sometimes I think characters like Snape felt the brunt of JKR's style in this regard and his selfish acts or vindictiveness, etc., was exaggerated for the reader (much like the Dursleys. An old sock for a birthday? Really? lol) But Snape is who he was portrayed and imo, he was never shown to have made a successful transition into adulthood that we saw from others with tough or misguided childhoods (Harry, Neville, Draco, etc).


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