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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

From the Severus Snape thread

On this point, we'll just have to disagree. I believe Snape's motivations were (1) payback and vengeance against one of the Marauders; and (2) the fact that someone he deemed unacceptable - werewolf bigotry - got the job he wanted. In fact, his behavior in the Shrieking Shack only underscores both points.
I think Snape was well within his right to reveal Remus and make him leave Hogwarts. I believe so because of two reasons.

One was I think the fact Lupin did not reveal Sirius's animagus form to Dumbledore, even after Sirius had gotten into Gryffindor Tower. While Sirius was a friend of the past so was James Potter who also accepted the wolf, and I think Lupin's silence on this was rather unforgivable, and Snape would have seen it that way too.

Secondly I think that the fact Lupin forgot to take his potion was also unforgivable in Snape's eyes. he had seen in close quarters how frightening a werewolf could be and that Lupin transformed that night without the Potion, when he was near three students, would have made his negligence rather hard to let go.

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