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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Obviously not agreeing with everything the person I love asks of me. I don't know if I can define love correctly, but I can say that disagreeing with one's lover/friend is certainly not an indication of lack of love or respect. IMO.

I think love is a feeling that one has for another person in spite of what the other person's qualities are, what his habits are, what his behaviour is; at times, these things, which are very, very important to a person in order to get along with another, seems unimportant because of a feeling inside them that makes them care for the other person in spite of the qualities which we generally use as a yardstick to become friends, to communicate affably and laugh or work or be together.
I agree with you. People can love each other and still disagree on minor things. It happens between one and their family, friends and love, and it happens in everyday life. Hermione and Ron used to argue all the time and they still loved each other, for instance.
But the point here, which makes all the difference, is that Lily's advice and warning were in no way minor or simple. I don't think Lily would've broke the friendship if they had disagreed on a simple matter. (such as the amount of studying hours for a NEWT ). Also to point out that Lily and Snape had some other disagreements. Their house preferences differed and this didn't affect their friendship. At least from Lily's side (though I don't think Snape minded Lily's being a Gryffindor). It didn't affect their friendship because it was still a minor matter.

I think Snape loved Lily in spite of her faults and I think he respected her too, though he also disagreed with her on a few things. I don't think such disagreement takes away anything from Snape or the love he had for her.
It didn't make his love less. Probably, his love wasn't enough, in the first place. . It was not enough to make him totally abandon his DE friends or forget his facinction with the Dark Arts.


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