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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
If I understand you correctly, you are addressing two separate issues. I have deep compassion for family unity - and it being destroyed by an outside party is abominable to me.

I also have compassion for individuals who are from families that should have been broken up by some authority because members within that family are mistreating other members. But this type of household has nothing to do with family unity - on the contrary, it seems to be a disfunctional family, destroyed from the inside by one or more of its own members. That too is abominable.

Nothing in my above statements however, can be construed to mean that I have any compassion whatsoever for a person who destroys a family - whether they do it from the inside (like Snape's father) or the outside (like Snape). The fact that Snape happens to also be from a family like that in my second paragraph is immaterial - just as it would be immaterial if his father was from a family of that type - or of the type in the first paragraph.

Being from a dysfunction family or one that was destroyed by a third party does not give an individual the right to go out and destroy another family or his own. It does not provide an excuse or justification either, in my opinion. Moreover, I am not in the least bit 'understanding' of a person who behaves in such a manner and I make no concessions or allowances for either Snape or his father for their actions in this regard. It is abominable behavior in my opinion and both should have recognized it, felt deep remorse for it and attempted to correct their behavior, imo.
Another way of putting it would be to say you feel sorry for the abused child, you loathe the actions of the adult. I do feel for Snape when he is a child, his actions as an adult I am more ambivilant about. I recognise his repentance and I acknowledge his bravery but I loathe and despise many of his actions beginning with his decision to become a DE. To me there is no excuse for embracing such a philosophy. But there is something about Snape, that cold bitterness juxaposed against his futile love for Lily. His longing for her, even when he is doing everything to turn Lily against him. His complete blindness to her feelings. He is truly tragic.

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