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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
As I said, I have a very deep compassion for family, I can't overlook that; I need deep remorse from those who destroy them.
Would your compassion for "family" include compassion for Snape's lack thereof? His parents were clearly deficient - from the little we know of them, we know that his father was a bully (there's an implication of domestic violence in that description of Eileen "cowering" from him, I think) and his mother is ...well, a void, in the story. His youth, apart from time with Lily, seems to be one of profound loneliness, perhaps subject to abuse at home (witnessing domestic violence is a form of abuse, and there are other, more subtle forms of abuse).

As well as pitying the ruination of Harry's family, I'm curious to know if you think Snape's personality is also the result of "family ruination" - of a different kind? And whether that might not be cause for compassion?

I'm not saying yea or nay to that - I happen to think too many people blame their past for not dealing with their present - but I do think that childhood pain moulds a character. It's not impossible to change it - just tough.


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