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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by kittling View Post
Well I think it could be argued that it's not about what the holder, or potential holder, of the wand knows - its what the wand knows that matters.

Draco had no idea that he was the master of the elder wand and niether did Harry at first yet the wand still changed its loyalties. Given this it would e fair to assume that had Dumbledore died from the cursed ring the wand would have changed its loyalties regardless of Voldemorts knowledge or lack there of.
It could be argued of course; it is just that there is no evidence that the wand would ever transfer under those circumstances. We have never had it transfer when the party who became the owner had no knowledge that they had defeated the previous owner in some way - and indeed set out to do so. This includes stealing from the person, disarming them, winning a serious duel, etc. The wand has some sentience according to JKR and it seeks strength, not an unknowing winner by default.

Nonetheless, that circumstance would have nothing whatsoever to do with Snape because as I pointed out, he did not prevent Dumbledore from dying; he only delayed it. If he could not have delayed Dumbledore from dying and what you propose is a possibility, Dumbledore would have acted in some way to ensure it did not transfer to Voldemort - even if it meant convincing Snape to kill him on the spot.


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