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Sorry for the long delay! Well, thanks for the feedback to all those who gave me feedback! Here's another song to keep y'all going.
I'm still working on other songs!

A Parody of "By My Side" from Godspell Note that the words in italics are from the original song. Just the "By My Side" bits and "Where are you going?"

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Will I see you again?

For I miss you so, and need you.

Will you ever come back?

Youíre beyond the world of the living,

The world of the living.

Where the voices sing beyond the dark curtain.

Snuffles, I miss you so.

Iím to blame-I had been fooled.

Itís not a nightmare,

As I am awake!

I remember the day I saved you from the kiss

The Dementorsí Kiss.

I have tried your mirror, but

You did not respond at all to me.

I smashed this mirror, and it now lies broken in my trunk,

Your message burns before my eyes, taunting me: ďCall me to talk.Ē

But Iíll see you soon, and when I do, Iíll be glad youíre

By my side.

By my side,

By my side,

By my side,

By my side-

That you are here

By my side.

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