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Re: Writing antagonists

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
- How important do you think villains/antagonists are, for the story as a whole?
Without any villains there wouldn't need to be any heroes.

Now I need to go on a semi-rant about "the making of a villain."

In most of what constitutes popular literature (and in this regard I can only come out on the fantasy genre), the villains of the biggie, "Lord of the Rings," which is a grand epic typically on everyone's fantasy pedestal, where the villains of the piece are however remote. We really don't know them. It's seems kinda strange that some of the best stories have such unfathomable villains.
In spec fic (fantasy, horror, sci fi) it holds true that the best villains are unfathomable forces. In the first two books we really know nothing of Hannibal Lecter, Randall Flagg's true self was only hinted at in The Stand and even old Darth Vader was much more interesting before the whole whiny adolescent to Luke's father thing was played out.

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