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Re: Writing antagonists

- How important do you think villains/antagonists are, for the story as a whole?

I think they give the story its main atmosphere. If the villain is 'really bad', it makes it really difficult for the protagonist to beat them without committing 'wrong things'. In other words, it makes a great challenge for the protagonist, and thus makes the story more exciting and enjoyable.

- Do you enjoy writing antagonists? Or do you find it difficult?

I find it quite difficult actually. It's not really easy to make an original villain. It takes a lot to make him/her believable and scary/ugly without exaggerating them, at the same time. Even if one is writing fantasy/sci-fi, things need to be believable.

- Do you prefer to provide a back story for your villains/antagonists?

Yes, I think it makes them more understandable. I don't like a person (villain) who goes bad just for the sake of it. I think there must be a strong reason, why someone should turn bad.

- Have you ever been really fond of a villain you've written? If so, what was the most remarkable thing about them?

Not yet. But I'm hoping the one I'm currently writing would turn out well.

Originally Posted by Fawkesfan1
Just don't give up if you end up stuck while writing an villian/antagonist... what you need there will come to you in due time. It just takes longer every so often. Patience is key here, no matter what you're writing about.
I agree. Patience is the key to everything in writing, and not just villains.


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