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Re: The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post
The Glader slang of "Klunk" "shuck" etc. felt wholly contrived to me and I never could take it seriously whenever one of those words was injected into the dialogue. The podcast Writing Excuses, I think, ruined this one for me: the had an episode on world-building or something in which they stated something like "you don't have to invent a Schnoozenhauser to do the job of a horse - just use a horse." That's pretty much how I felt about the slang - that it was invented and used as a conceit in order to keep the book in the YA market since using the actual swear words with the frequency they are used by the Gladers would have forced the book into the adult market.
I thought the slang was ok as it set up that the kids had been in the Glade for a long, long time. But then reading on (and finishing the series, including The Kill Order) I realized that the kids weren't in the maze for the length of time they would have needed to establish their own vocabulary.

I can't say I liked any of the sequels better, and I really didn't like the prequel either. I'm still wondering why I read the whole series!? At least I didn't pay for any of the books, so that made me feel better - thank you library!

I think as I said earlier in this thread I wanted to know why WICKED was set up. And it turns out, that when I found out I didn't really care. I also thought there was way too much death throughout the series that was unnecessary. Kids were violently killed off one by one with no rhyme or reason. I do realize that the
Spoiler: show
masterminds had gone crazy by the end
, but still, doesn't justify the random violence.

I really wanted more out of this story. Reading The Kill Order I had really hoped to find answers, and I did. Strangely it was the second book that month that I read where
Spoiler: show
society went downhill by the purposeful release of a virus. White Horse was the other book. Neither book satisfactorily explained the motivations behind doing such a destructive act. Using up all the Earth's resources wasn't a good enough motivation in my book.
Interestingly Pure, another post apocalyptic YA, has a similar theme, but the motivation is far more believable -
Spoiler: show
using destruction to set up a working/slave class vs the Pure intelligent/elite class.

I guess I have this to say. Dashner's writing is as engaging as someone like Dan Brown, in that these books are page turners. But I think he needed more character development and a stronger plot to make it all more believable, or to make me care about the characters. I felt like I ran a marathon and got nowhere.

is totally awesome!
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