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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 18 - Perfect Lily

This bedroom was as far from Scorpius Malfoy's as possible. The walls were painted vibrant purple and immersed in Permanent-Sticking posters of her mother's successor as the Holyhead Harpies' seeker, Jade Scratchbert and her favourite band, The Centaurs. Her bed was raised off the ground, with drawers under it functioning as a wardrobe, and because of this she could sit for long hours on warm afternoons such as this and watch over the village of Upper Flagley, with its winding country roads and endless expanses of green.

It was to this activity that Lily Potter dedicated herself at present. She had been driven from the living room by James' insistence on listening to the commentary on the Puddlemere United vs Tutshill Tornadoes match in which she had no interest. Albus too had sought the sanctuary of his bedroom to revise for his OWLs; but with no exams of much consequence to work for, and no Harpies game for another week, here Lily sat.

Her own mind had been rather calm of late. The rush of warm weather from winter to spring had brought with it a lightness to life full of the promise of long, warm evenings.

She noticed the speck on the horizon almost as soon as it had come into view. The pink sky was fading to evening when a black dot appeared over the hill by the church. It got larger until she could make out wings, and then a small envelope in its beak. It was an owl, she observed and supposed that it was for one of her parents. But when it came over the bridge over the brook that ran across the landscape, she recognised it as a fine barn owl by the name of Cronus. He swooped elegantly through the window and dropped the letter on her lap before coming to a rest on the edge of her bed. He inclined his head to her hand and she stroked it softly.

Lily ripped open the letter in urgency, for Scorpius had not written to her before. She read it slowly, her large, brown eyes absorbing every word. Having finished, she muttered 'reply ASAP' under her breath before a smile lit her face.

'C'mon Cronus,' she addressed the owl with a smirk, 'we can do better than that.'

Lily left the room and ran downstairs, with Cronus fluttering after her. Most of the walls of this house were vibrantly painted and it sung of life and brightness. She halted as she reached the living room to see only James present, still curled up in a large armchair listening to the radio.

'Where're you going?' he asked lazily, his hand running through his messy dark hair.

'Out,' she said and picked up a handful of Floo Powder. She beckoned to Cronus and he came to a rest on her shoulder.

'What's with the owl?' James asked, now looking perplexed. But she had been immersed in flames before she could reply.

She spun into Scorpius' bedroom with her hair wild around her head and looking somewhat ruffled. The first thing she noticed was the grandness of the bedroom, and mouth 'wow' and she craned her neck to take in every detail. The next thing she noticed was Scorpius, who had been sat on his bed reading, jumping up with an expression of bewilderment. Cronus instantly flapped from Lily's shoulder to his perch on the desk.

'What are you-?'

'Well you said reply ASAP. I thought this was the quickest way.' Her smile was filled with daring and sureness, such that Scorpius had never seen in a human face before. It made him sure too.

She walked to the bed with a vivacity that was almost a skip and sat beside him with the lightness of an angel. He thought it odd to see that the bed sank to accommodate her weight, for she seemed so unreal to have appeared as such. It came to mind that perhaps it was her spirit that bent the bed's will, rather than her body. Never was there a girl that showed one so violently the furious passion of living in the way she walked, the flick of her hair, and that confident smile that knew the nature of reality and was satisfied by it.

Perhaps here it would do to remind the reader that this is a story of perspectives. I do try my best to withhold my own views on these people, and rather merely transmit the way they are seen by the person's consciousness that I presently inhabit. Perhaps you have already guessed why Rose sees Lily as the perfect being, and maybe one day you will understand Scorpius too.

Lily is not perfect. Lily knows this very well.

'She hates me, Kid,' he said sadly, sinking back against the wall. She leant back with him, her jean-clad legs lain out along the bed and crossed.

'Na, she doesn't. She's embarrassed. And don't call me kid.' His head sunk into his long, pale hands.

'I'm an idiot.'

'Debatable,' she muttered with a momentary expression of contemplation. 'But you love her. So you're an idiot in love. That's more permissible.'

'Love? I like her, just in a lovey way.'

She watched him and he really did look desperate. His brow had curled into a set look helplessness and guilt. He was still wearing the clothes he had worn at the Burrow, and they looked slept-in with their creases.

'Scorpius,' she said more gently, placing her hand on his shoulder. He noticed that her nails were painted canary yellow. 'You really don't need to worry. She'll calm down.'

'You don't know that,' he sighed.

'Yes, I do! I've known her since I was born. Rose is useless at grudges, especially with you.' At those words Scorpius' head jerked sideways to look at her.

'What do you mean, 'especially with me'?'

Lily smiled.

'That would be telling.'

'Lily,' he warned, his face darkening. 'Don't mess about, this is life and death.'

'Life and death?' she laughed.

'Well, not life and death, but pretty much the same thing. Please, Lils.'

She looked at him, her eyes narrowed slightly. His, far lighter than hers, pleaded desperately.

'Talk to her, Scorpius. Please.' She stood up and left his line of vision, for his eyes remained frozen where hers had been. 'It will be fine. It will. Bye.'

His reply was weak. Still did he not look when the fire roared and she was gone. He allowed his body to slip down until he lay limply. Light was fading quickly and made him more pallid than he had been before. She had failed him, his one true ally in this battle for his Rose. She had not granted him the perfect and fool-proof solution he had expected of her.

Talk to her.

No, he thought defiantly. He would not risk seeing those scolding eyes again. Not again.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~
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