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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter One:
I'll Put A Spell On You
August 23, 1975
"Severus, we'll be best friends forever." Lily Evans said sulkily with her hair in her face and head turned toward the sheets. Severus was lying next to her on the bed, arms wrapped around her waist from behind and chin resting on her shoulder. The day was meant to be a very well, planned out afternoon of planning out their Diagon Alley trip before school. Unfortunately, as soon as Severus walked into the Evans household, Petunia was determined to make sure the afternoon would be dreadful.

Lily really does try to put up with her sister’s awful remarks most of the time, but most of her comments tear the redhead down in spirits. Worse than that, the comment stung Severus more personally this time than simply feeling bad for Lily. Once he stepped into the house, Petunia’s voice screeched, “Hey, Freak, you’re second lover is here!” She only slipped those comments by while their parents weren’t home. The truth was, James Potter had been sending letters by owl to Lily all summer and Petunia was keen on picking up how much the other boy fancied her.

“We’ve lasted this long,” was Severus’ normal reply. Another thing that pained Severus more than Petunia’s stinging comments, was the fact the loving embrace they now held meant absolutely nothing to Lily. It was an everyday, common friendly gesture. After all Lily Evans and Severus Snape were best friends. Outside of the school, that is. Lily sat up, making Severus’ fingers untwine and roll back on his back to look up at her. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled slightly. Her auburn red hair was draped over the shoulder farthest from him and her emerald green eyes were glistening from unwanted tears.

“True,” she sighed and then slipped off the bed to reach into her dresser drawers. She pulled out a notebook Severus recognised as her personalised journal. It wasn’t anything like a real journal. She didn’t write memories or anything down in it, because writing down things like that weren’t her cup of tea. Journals were more her sister’s sort of thing. What this journal specialised in was keeping the never ending lists Lily made private. Remembralls weren’t exactly fitting for a girl like Lily Evans. “Are you still up for planning out our shopping spree?”

“Don’t call it a spree, Lily. It makes it sound much less exciting!” Severus exasperated and sat up, allowing his feet to hang over the clad in pink bed.

“Sorry,” she said, her smile spreading wider, “How about an Educational Shopping Function?” The fifteen year old girl bounced onto the bed with her knees and turned quickly to sit right next to Severus. There was a twinkle of laughter in her eyes as she opened the book and turned the pages until it was nearly three fourths of the way in. Severus chuckled and made room for the two of them to breathe.

“Looks like you’ll need a new notebook soon, Lily.” He pointed out. “Your unnecessary lists are beginning to reach their end.”

“They are not unnecessary, Sev!” Lily defended. “Now, I know we both need the same books for classes this year and you have that covered, but what about anything extra? Our cauldrons seem up to date for our fifth year, but I’ve heard Dragon Scale cauldrons would be best for our O.W.L’s.”

“Dragon Scale?” Severus looked over her shoulder to see what notes she had written down. It was in quotation marks with the name James Potter written after the note. “James told you that did he?”

Lily looked slightly guilty and looked up at him. “He knows how much I adore Potions and thought it would be useful for me to know.”

“And how, may I ask, does Potter know what cauldrons are best for O.W.L’s?” Severus asked venomously. Lily noticed his tone and let him know she didn’t appreciate it by glaring back at him.

“His parents have attended Hogwarts before you know? He asked them about O.W.L’s and they told him about Dragon Scale cauldrons. He owled me the tip and I’ve written it down to remind myself to let you know.” She said hotly. Severus, rather childishly, scooted to the foot of the bed and scowled at her. “Why does it matter, Sev?”

“He didn’t send you the tip because he knows you adore the subject, Lily. He sent you the tip in hopes that it would attract you to him.”

“So what if he did? I now know what I need for my O.W.L’s to pass hopefully with an Outstanding and I don’t have an ounce of affection for Potter. Even if he did send it with other intentions does not mean I have to follow them like that, Sev, and you know that!”

Severus looked down at his crossed arms and turned slightly crimson around the cheeks. Lily was right. If he continued this behavior, he may let on that he wasn’t worried about O.W.L’s, but the chance of Lily actually liking Potter.

“If it helps,” Lily continued after he didn’t make any motive to reply, “I never replied. I haven’t given him the satisfaction of one letter this summer.” She spoke softer and smiled in hopes to get Severus to look up again. It worked and he slid back over to her side.

“Sorry,” he mumbled and then made to look back over her shoulder.

“Why does it matter so much anyway that Potter is trying to attract my interest?” she asked suddenly.

Severus was taken aback but stuttered his answer out quickly while trying to regain his composure. “I-i-it doesn’t! I just know how much you hate it when he tries to pursue you. You said it was annoying to you when he acted like an arrogant prat. Which, may I remind you, he does over one hundred percent of the time.” He looked her dead in the eye, hoping he acted more like himself in time.

Lily laughed. “You’re right,” she said, “I do hate him most of the time. I never should have bothered noting he was the one who gave me the tip. I know you hate him for what he does to you, and it always leads to these sorts of arguments. I’m sorry.”

You have nothing to be sorry about. Severus thought. For a split moment he let himself get caught in her emerald trance. It was something Lily never meant to do, but every so once in a while (more often throughout the years) she absolutely hypnotised Severus. It was like he was absolute goo and melted into her gaze. Hopefully nothing was going on with his outward appearance because he really felt no control of himself during these times. Times like this were actually dangerous to be around her for the fact Severus could admit his ultimate undying love for Lily and he would have no control over it. The feeling was like she had put a spell on him.

“Now, back to the list,” Lily brought him back to reality. “I am definitely getting one when we go. Do you think you will want one? I know you don’t particularly care about Potions but—“

“Me? Buy a Dragon Scale cauldron? Lily, I would not have nearly enough Galleons to afford all of my books and a cauldron like that. I’m fine with what I have,” he said humbly.

“I can always get it for you, Sev. If it means passing your O.W.L’s it is no big deal. I could call it an early Christmas present or something.” Lily tried making her way around buying his school supplies sound as if he weren’t some charity case.

“Absolutely not!” Severus retorted. “My cauldron was bought brand new my first year and it still works absolutely wonderfully. The day I buy a new cauldron is the day mine completely dissolves from some hazardous potion. Even then I don’t think I could care enough to buy a Dragon Scale cauldron or even a cauldron at all seeing as I don’t want anything to do with Potions once I’ve finished school.”

Lily looked somewhat lost between shock, confusion, and outrage. She didn’t know if she should be angry or understanding that he did not care about Potions at all. Then Severus realised she wasn’t angry because he did not want anything to do with her favorite subject after he was done with school, but again because of Potter. “You don’t want one because James suggested it! Really, Severus, you act so childish sometimes.” She slammed her notebook shut and made for the dresser again to put it up.

He stood, stamping the ground as he did so. He didn’t want to be angry with Lily, especially since her hypothesis was utterly wrong. There really was no money to spare for such a wasteful item and he wasn’t going to be treated as some charity case. However, her calling him childish made him lose the last bit of restraint he had for the day.

“No, Lily, it is not because Potter suggested the cauldron to you. In fact, I don’t care if he suggests you join his bloody gang of misfits. I could care less about what Potter and his crew thinks and you should know that. Stop defending him and realise what you are saying to your best friend here.” He indicated to himself and his face fell. The rant wasn’t completely overdone in anger, but hurt as well. All summer Lily seemed to be defending Potter a little more. Nothing drastic of course, but enough to realise she was seeing things on their side occasionally.

Lily’s face turned red and tears streaked down her face. Severus made a step for her but she took a step back and inhaled deeply before speaking again. “Can you come back tomorrow please,” she tried to say calmly beneath her swollen throat. “I’ve just remembered what a git my best friend is and I need some time to calm down.”

Great, now you’re the git. Good luck crawling out of this hole.

“Lily, I’m—“

“It is fine, Severus. I’m fine. I would just much rather go to Diagon Alley tomorrow. Today didn’t start off on the right foot anyway.” She said stiffly. He wanted to say something more, but thought better of it and headed down the stairs to go home. Lily didn’t follow him downstairs and he heard the gentle click of her door shutting from above.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans were home now and Petunia was sure to keep her distance and mouth shut. The couple grew used to Severus and Lily hanging out in her bedroom for long periods of time. Apparently, even they realised he never had a chance with their daughter.


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