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Re: Seeing Other People

Btw James and Frankie's relationship will be the main feature of my next fic! I'll start work on that when this is completed. Expect this to be quite a long one - maybe 30 chapters?

Chapter 9 - Their End

It was lunchtime now, and Rose had come to sit under a large beech tree with Albus, Jason, Lily, Roxanne and Violet. Lily, Violet and Roxanne enthusiastically discussed the latter’s crush on Tommy McDonald as they watched the group of Tommy, James, Fred and Louis sit down by the lake not far from them.

‘You know he’s going out with Aoife Finnegan,’ Violet reminded her. Roxanne looked appalled.

‘Aoife? The Sixth Year? She looks boring; he could do so much better.’

‘She’s quite pretty,’ said Lily, smiling, ‘You only don’t like her because of Tommy. Talk of the Devil, here come the fan girls now.’

Rose couldn’t help but laugh at Lily’s observation as a group of four girls approached the boys by the lake. Lauren McLaggen, Jason and Callum’s horrifyingly popular sister and Louis’ girlfriend led the group, followed by the aforementioned Aoife and the slightly quieter but undeniably attractive Ella Doherty. Frankie Longbottom lagged behind them, her usual confidence clearly hindered, and her eyes looked red from crying.

‘What do you reckon is wrong with Frankie?’ asked Violet, peering curiously.

Here Rose entered the conversation. ‘When I spoke to James earlier he said they’d had a row. It must be a big deal, he seemed really upset.’

‘That’s odd,’ said Lily, ‘They were all over each other this morning. It was disgusting.’

‘I hope they don’t split up,’ sighed Roxanne, ‘Maybe Neville will stop coming to Grandma’s parties because it will be too awkward for Frankie and James. Neville’s a laugh.’

‘You’re getting ahead of yourself,’ said Lily, ‘They’re made for each other. Plus, they’ve been together forever. It’ll be fine.’

Rose scarcely believed this, for Lily had a history of being a romantic idealist. At the age of 10 Lily had cried when Teddy and Victoire split up after she was offered a position at the French Ministry; she had similarly squealed with joy upon discovering James’ and Frankie’s relationship, expressing her wish for Neville and his three daughters to be official parts of the family.

She adored the idle chattering of the girls and the calm, carefree, glorious spring weather. She listened to the music of their conversation as it took up the topic of the two groups they watched being the coolest kids in Hogwarts, and whether their own popularity would ever reach such heights in their later years at school. The words were so irrelevant, so silly, and this is why Rose loved them. She loved to hear Albus and Jason discuss what to write for their Potions essay, and to watch James and Fred bent over the Marauder’s Map, planning their next escapade while the former clearly tried to ignore the beautiful, tearful girl that sat near him, being gently comforted by Ella.

Rose heard footsteps behind her and looked round to see Scorpius approaching. Rose could see no Anwen in sight. Lily and Violet also looked round, drawn away from Roxanne’s gossiping by his arrival. He stopped in front of Rose, his expression critical. She looked up at him blankly.

‘Where’ve you been? Why weren’t you in Potions?’ he asked, evidently annoyed to find her lounging so happily while he had worried.

‘What do you care?’ snapped Rose and looked to the ground.

‘Sorry, I think I’m missing something. What exactly have I done?’

‘Like you don’t know!’ she laughed derisively and Scorpius looked bewildered, ‘Just go, Scorpius. I don’t want you here.’ Rose didn’t know whether she meant it. All she knew was that being near him caused too much pain and her fury was yet to be soothed.

‘Alright, I will then. But I don’t know what you’re talking about; this isn’t fair.’ With that he turned on his heel, his black robe slicing through the air, and headed back to the castle. She watched him go coldly, her heart silently aching.

‘What happened? Are you ok?’ asked Violet, spinning around to face Rose.

‘It’s complicated, don’t worry,’ she muttered.

‘That was out of order. He really didn’t seem to know what he’s done,’ protested Lily, ever the champion of goodwill. ‘I’m going to see if he’s ok.’

Rose did not argue back. Lily set of the castle too.

‘Sure you don’t want to talk about it?’ asked Violet


‘Suit yourself.’

Violet turned back to her conversation with Roxanne. Rose looked away and watched the red head follow the blond as they vanished through the castle doors in quick succession. It was now Albus who directed his conversation to Rose.

‘Don’t worry about Scorpius,’ he said, ‘He always seemed a bit dodgy.’

Rose smiled weakly and he smiled back.

‘Never trust a Malfoy,’ joked Jason from beside Albus. Rose’s eyes flashed.

‘Your brother thinks that too, doesn’t he?’ her tone was cutting and harsh. Jason drew back, offended.

‘I was joking, Rose. You don’t have to tell me my brother’s a nasty piece of work.’ Jason snapped and turned back to his half-finished essay.

Albus looked at Rose sadly, deploring her constant need to attack. Rose bowed her head and was irritated with herself. She could tell she’d ruined another reconciliation, first with Lily and Violet and now with Albus, and doubted whether she ever would be able to get on in peaceful harmony with them as they seemed to do amongst each other. She knew then that she had spent too long lonely, too long ready to hate anyone who wasn’t Scorpius. She wished only to retreat to the library, where over the years she had so often found comfort in the gentle, easy conversation of Scorpius, and now she would find only further misery and loneliness.

Looking over at the group by the lake, she caught James’ eye and he gave her an encouraging smile. No, she couldn’t go to the library. She couldn’t cut herself off all over again.

‘Sorry, Jason,’ she said quietly, ‘Just been a bit stressed.’ Jason looked somewhat surprised and Albus pleased.

‘No worries,’ Jason said.

‘Are we still fine to see Hagrid tonight?’ asked Rose.

Albus smiled, ‘yeah, don’t see why not. Meet in the Entrance Hall at 4?’


Her disagreements with Lily, Violet and James had proved that rebuilding her relationships would not be easy, but there was hope. Tiny flickers of hope in James’ smile and Albus’ invitation. She would work at it, she resolved, at least while this inspiration lasted. And as for Scorpius, she would have to block him from her mind. She couldn’t watch him go about Hogwarts with Anwen, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand it. She couldn’t share him with her of all people. Rose also knew that soon it wouldn’t be sharing anyway, soon enough Anwen could take him completely and he would lose all interest in her whatsoever. It was easier to spare herself this by ending their friendship now, even though it stung and would do, she knew, for a long while yet.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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