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Re: My New painting of The Young Snape...

Originally Posted by Vita View Post
Lovely! I like your style
Oh,thx very much~~~~~~~~happy u like them ^^

Originally Posted by Airkat View Post
Those are pretty nice. Watercolor? Or are those digital?
emmmm...merely digital...using wacom cte-650 and the software is SAI and Painter essential 3~~ By the way, actually I love watercolor better^^

Originally Posted by Klio View Post
Great style!! I think you do really good characterisations.

But the most amazing thing about these is the colouring - I especially like the subtle tones of the Lucius painting. Awesome.
Oh thx~~~~I also prefer the Lucius one!

Originally Posted by Mrs_D_Malfoy View Post
aww those are really nice! love your style and i also love that story! <33
Happy you love them~~
I always enjoys sad love stories^^

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