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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

OK, I said I was done, but I'm back.

Originally Posted by zgirnius View Post
I think this is what Harry appreciates the most in retrospect, and where his evaluation of Snape to little Al comes from. What you just wrote, describes Harry's experience in DH to a T. And the last lie of Albus to both of these men, that Harry must die, is what enables them both to succeed. Harry lives and triumphs, which has been Snape's goal as well since the conversation after Lily's death.
At least he did eventually help Harry succeed in staying alive. Too bad he didn't know that before he died, but it just wasn't in the cards. Not knowing helped Harry succeed. And yeah, reading what I wrote last night does fit well with "the bravest man I knew" line. I hadn't thought of it before.

I take Snape's paleness and other reactions here, to be fear that he will die before he completes his mission.
Yeah, I think it's that and that he may have figured out he might be done as soon as Voldemort mentioned the Elder Wand and where he got it from. He would have to know that Voldemort is going somewhere with his statement and it can't be anywhere good. That's where the fear of not completing his mission would be coming from, IMHO. So he's desperately trying to convince Voldemort to let him get Harry.

I have to say that for me, this is the single saddest thing in the series. That for all his efforts, he dies believing that he has just brought about that which he worked all those years to prevent (Harry's death). And that's the "good" outcome for him. Argh.
I know. It's especially sad when you put it that way.

One could also say, that Snape's murder was bad luck. If Snape had seen Nagini with Voldemort before the battle, for whatever reason, he might have surrendered and passed on his information at Hogwarts, and never made it to the Shack.
Yes, that's true as well.

WWB said:
Well I would go for the idea if Snape knew if JKR had shown Dumbledore telling him. Why the mystery? Why not show us that? It would be no surprise to us in the Prince's Tale because that came afterward. If she wanted Dumbledore in the clear on that, she should have specified. For us to have to go through loops or conclude that Snape must have known, for me is like writing the story. . Between not having Dumbledore tell him when he was doing all the talking in TPT and the expression she caused Snape to have - I can't really accept the idea that Snape knew myself. But I respect your view if you do.
As I said, I lean more towards the idea that Snape didn't know about the Elder Wand prior to Voldemort bringing it up. I'm just open to the idea that he may have.

That is what I meant. I guess I wasn't clear on that. Voldemort had said enough for Snape to figure it out.
I guess the term "spelling it out" is what I took objection to. I think it's possible Snape figured it out the moment it was mentioned or at the very least before Voldemort got to his eventual point. So Snape didn't need it to get it spelled out for him to figure it out. It's likely why he got pale and his face looked like a death mask, if one believes he didn't know about the wand before that point.

eliza101 said:
I think she was showing how chance can step in and throw a spanner in the works and something like Harry being at the right place and time to defeat Draco was something that no one could have predicted. I hope that makes sense.
Yes it does. I like the way you put it. That's how I feel as well.

And about whether Snape is despicable, selfless, redeemed or not I think I agree with Pearl_Took's response.

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