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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
If I agree that Snape knew about the Elder Wand or that Dumbledore felt there was a very good chance that Snape would live, then Snape would become the most detestable figure portrayed in canon for me - even beyond Voldemort.
Er, why?

(My favourite detestables are Umbridge and Peter. Voldemort is too one-dimensional as a villain but Umbridge is really, REALLY nasty.)

My own interpretation is what Snape didn't know about the Elder Wand (Albus keeps that secret, based on my reading of canon) and that Voldemort's revelation about the wand comes as a complete and utter shock to him.

I am open to other interpretations but I would just like to know why Snape's knowing about Albus's ultimate plan (personally, I don't see how he could have done, since we don't see Albus telling him) would make him 'detestable'.

My impression was that Dumbledore was on such a high pedastal character-wise, JKR felt she could sacrifice a bit of his character in this regard to help Snape's.
Actually, Dumbledore had already fallen off his pedestal, as far as I was concerned, before I began reading DH. Buuuut that's for his own thread.

For me it worked that way - it is the only act I saw on Snape's part in the entire series that I felt was very close to selfless.
The fact that he appeared to have been duped (by Albus) is the thing that makes him selfless?

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