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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by eliza101 View Post
Sorry to jump in at the end but there is something that I am going to pick up on Wicked. You say that 3rd years know that borrowed wands don't work well for those that borrow them. I don't think that something like that is widely known. When Harry is using the blackthorn wand and he is complaining about how it is not working well for him and and how he does not like using it Hermione is rather sharp and tells him he just has to practice more. Draco borrows his mother's wand to fight in the battle and LV does indeed borrow Lucius' wand to use in th 7Potter's. When the Trio speak to Ollivander he makes a comment about how they are questioning him deeply about wandlore and how it is not something that he is asked about very much. Also it is not known that Dumbledore's wand was the Elder Wand. As far as people knew it was just a wand like any other and Dumbledore was just a powerful wizard. The search for and battle for the Elder wand seems to me to be a way that JKR has entered chance into her plot. It was unforseen that Draco would disarm Dumbledore and when he asked Snape to end him on top of the tower Dumbledore knew what had happened but it was too late to change the plan at that late date. The fact that Snape had to flee before he could take possesion of the wand was unfortunate. He could have in different circumstances been able to present the wand to Voldemort, but things did not work out that way. Then came the fiasco of 7 Potters and Voldemort starts to think about how he cannot defeat Harry. He goes back and questions Ollivander, starts to think and then starts to search for the wand. It is totally unforseen that Harry would defeat Draco and become master of it. Dumbledore's plan was that no one would become master of it and it's power would die. It's like you said, there are too many variables for the plan to have been that A. Snapekills Dumbledore-the world thinks he's the master of the wand. B-Voldemort kills Snape at the right time to go against Harry and be defeated by the true master of the wand. I don't think JKR is that poor at plotting. I think she was showing how chance can step in and throw a spanner in the works and something like Harry being at the right place and time to defeat Draco was something that no one could have predicted. I hope that makes sense.
Yes it does. . That is a very good point - there was a lot of chance involved. I would agree that Dumbledore may have truly felt that Snape had a very good chance of surviving, thinking that 'chance' as you put it and 'timing' as Boush put it would work out in Snape's favor.

Understand that this is the only tiny string of sympathy I have for Snape in the entire saga - without this, the character as written would likely become completely estranged for me. I will be honest; I have not bought into any of the other possible sympathy points related to Snape's character. In my judgment, he ruined many lives, attempted to ruin others, was given a spying job that was so up his alley as to discount most of the bravery I would attach to it and did next to nothing related to his promise to protect Harry. I also feel he ruined his own life and lacked respect and remorse.

So I kind of see this as the one circumstance in canon where Snape truly looked bravery in the face and embraced it. With so much evidence against Dumbledore (in my view), I felt that JKR included this for people like me in order to allow us to latch onto something relative to this character. If I agree that Snape knew about the Elder Wand or that Dumbledore felt there was a very good chance that Snape would live, then Snape would become the most destable figure portrayed in canon for me - even beyond Voldemort.

My impression was that Dumbledore was on such a high pedastal character-wise, JKR felt she could sacrifice a bit of his character in this regard to help Snape's. For me it worked that way - it is the only act I saw on Snape's part in the entire series that I felt was very close to selfless. Over time I have been able to reconcile with Dumbledore and I like him a lot more. So pehaps that is why I am not so ready to allow myself to believe that Snape was acting with Knowledge, or with the same threat of death over his head as everyone else. I will think about it, though, because both of you have raised a very good point - one that another knowledgable poster has raised as well and since then I've been considering the issue. So I am not dead set on this issue either way.


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