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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by boushh View Post
Yes, but it's the prior research, experimenting would still take some time... and to me if he didn't meet Harry's wand again, then he wouldn't have gone on such an earnest search for the Elder Wand, or pressed Ollivander to tell him more about it, so quickly. Yes, I do. I also remember Voldemort thinking Lucius's wand would work for him, so some wands must work decently if not great for him to think that he would have been able to use that wand as good as any other.
I see what you are saying and I suppose it would just come down to our differing interpretations on Voldemort and how he would respond.

I think you can read that passage more than one way. For the most part, I agree with you, but I have recently been looking at it a different way. That bit could be read as if he knew about it and was putting on an unreadable mask. The paleness of his features could indicate his knowledge that the time has come and his desperation to get to Harry. He keeps staring at Nagini and he keeps trying to let Voldemort let him go and get Harry. He seems almost distracted by it, until Voldemort brings up the Elder Wand, and then the death mask reference, which could in addition be foreshadowing his death, and is once again followed by:

"My Lord - let me go to the boy-"

You might say why didn't he raise his wand sooner if he knew that Voldemort was going to come after him, but I feel as though he's so used to just talking his way out of things that he doesn't take that course of action until the last moment, which is too late by that point.

Even so I'm still leaning towards him not knowing about the Elder Wand, but am open to the other possibility. However, I still don't see him feeling foolish or even betrayed. Feeling like he failed... yeah, that I'd buy.
Well I would go for the idea if Snape knew if JKR had shown Dumbledore telling him. Why the mystery? Why not show us that? It would be no surprise to us in the Prince's Tale because that came afterward. If she wanted Dumbledore in the clear on that, she should have specified. For us to have to go through loops or conclude that Snape must have known, for me is like writing the story. . Between not having Dumbledore tell him when he was doing all the talking in TPT and the expression she caused Snape to have - I can't really accept the idea that Snape knew myself. But I respect your view if you do.

Oh and I don't see Voldemort having spelled things out for Snape. Voldemort's line "Perhaps you already know it? You are a clever man, after all, Severus." Pretty much indicates that he hasn't spelled out the answer, since he's pointing out that he thinks Snape is clever enough to figure it out. The thing he hasn't mentioned is that he isn't the wand's master, and yeah maybe Snape has figured it out... perhaps figured it out or knew about it the moment it was brought up, the page before when his face looked like a death mask with blank eyes, perhaps even closing himself off from giving anything away.
That is what I meant. I guess I wasn't clear on that. Voldemort had said enough for Snape to figure it out.

Ah, I missed your edit. Sorry. I still don't really agree though. I don't think he was betrayed, nor do I think he felt foolish. I know not everyone will agree with me, but that's OK. From what I see, Snape agreed to do a job and he kept on doing it until the end, and he knew he was being kept in the dark on certain things and kept on doing the job he was asked to do. And he even knew that he could very well die doing this job, because if he didn't know this then he really was being foolish, which I don't think he was. I just don't see the betrayal. I see a plan that didn't quite go as well as it could have because it was so far reaching that it would have been difficult for it to go well, but still there was a chance and a hope for it to go better than it did. Also, soldiers die all the time without expecting to or knowing what went wrong in the chain of events to cause it. And if one looks at it as Snape knowing about the Elder Wand or figuring it out at the last moments, he technically would know what his death was all about, even if it did end up not serving the purpose Voldemort thought it would. It still sucks for him because for a moment he probably thought he failed, but once he saw Harry at least he knew he could accomplish his mission, even if he couldn't keep his promise of protecting Harry from harm.
I agree that Snape should have expected he might die. I just think he'd feel betrayed because that was an "unexpected" avenue of danger coming from Dumbledore, someone who was supposed to be his ally.

Ah well, we probably aren't going to agree on a bunch of things so I'm just going to let this go for the moment. Thanks for the discussion, though.
It was a good discussion.

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