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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Here is INTJ, from the same site:

To me, the two things in this description and not in the other than seem to fit better, are
1) An emphasis of applying insights and theories to real life/practical things. Both his research into spells and potions as a boy, and his long-time careeer as a spy, seem to me to fit better here.
2) Leadership - an INTJ will stay in the background, but will step forward if the need arises. I feel this, too, fits Snape. He made a number of independent choices in the books - I doubt he has occasion to discuss with Albus whether the UV was a good idea in advance of that request, for example. Or going after Lupin into the Shack, for another. Or his handling of Lockhart during the crisis in CoS (which the other teachers followed along with).

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