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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

IMHO, all three wizards were more powerful than each other in various ways. Dumbledore was the best duellist. Snape was the best Occlumens. Voldemort more was willing to do anything to achieve his goals. It's really hard to tell who was the most powerful overall because we lack information.

And I agree with TGW that Snape was perhaps the only one who could have spied on Voldemort as successfully as he did.

Snape's life properly equipped him for such a job. He came from a broken home, was bullied mercilessly for years, and grew up to see horrible things that no one ought to see. It's a natural reaction for some to repress one's own feelings about those things. In a cruel world, any sign of emotion spells danger for you. IMO, that emotional repression would have been useful in learning Occlumency. Molly or Kingsley both lacked the Dark Mark and the disposition to carry out the job.

I forgot to post my thoughts about the scene I added, so I'll do that now.

What's Snape thinking here?
Something along the lines of "AHA! Caught you, Lupin! I know you and Black are allies and I'm going to prove with this piece of parchment that you are helping him get to Potter!"

How worried about Harry was he?
Extremely. He's not blind. He sees Lupin's "closed expression" and his shared glances with Harry-- he's in the same room, after all. Since he thinks that Lupin is helping Sirius into the castle, to find out how close Lupin and Harry are would have been terrifying.

How much did his rivalry with the Marauders play into this?
Not much. Perhaps it made him predisposed to think Lupin was guilty, but he's mostly acting on his suspicions-- suspicions that Lupin's and Harry's behaviors are unfortunately not quelling.

Other thoughts?
A couple things...

1. I wish Harry had looked back at Snape as he left the room. What would Snape's expression have been, I wonder...? Angry that his plan to expose Lupin did not work? Frightened that Harry was leaving with Lupin? Perplexed by Ron's sudden entrance?

2. It's interesting that Snape says the map is "full of Dark Magic", while Lupin counters that it seems an insulting but harmless prank. Where have I heard that before?

3. I love the way everyone communicates here. Nearly all of Snape words have more than one meaning. He's so convinced that Lupin knows what he's talking about that he sends the man hidden messages, trying to tell him he's onto him. And then, on the other side, Lupin sends hidden messages to Harry with glances, expressions, and excuses. And Harry's not talking at all because he doesn't want to get in more trouble than he is. No one is being forward. They're all being so secretive that I'm guessing nobody really understood each other much by the time Ron came in.

I am incapable of hating someone who, instead of using a spell to guard the Sorcerer's Stone, uses a logic puzzle.
I'm sorry.

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