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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.8

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Molly, Kingsley and others would not have been able to fool Voldemort for over 18 yearsand I am sure they did not invent spells before their OWLS and nor did they make corrections to their Advanced Potion Making Book, wicked!
Actually we don't know what they did when youngsters, they may have created spells - we simply don't have their backstories. But Molly killed Bella and Kingsley fooled "Many People" - not just one - at the Ministry "for years". We don't know if Snape could do that, but we know he was not qualified to attempt it like Kingsley was, because he was not a well reputed Auror, who had worked at the Ministry for years. In the same way Kingsley had never been a loyal Death Eater and would never be trusted by Voldemort. So it came down to having the best man in the job. We know that Snape was a good occlucmens, but not the only very good one. Bella was also good as was Narcissa (although Bella better). And Kingsley would have had to practice it too. But Kingsley was a wicked Auror and had those skills down pat - whatever they were - which Snape did not. So I feel it is all relative.

In my judgment, the evidence you provided does not show anything but that Snape was good at skills and had the reputation and backgorund to make him perfect for the job as spy with Voldemort (and note there were other spies at various times.) Kingsley was skilled and had the background making him a perfect spy in the Ministry (and there were other spies). But it does not place either of them on the level of Dumbledore, Grindlewald, the House Founders and the Perevell Brothers or Voldemort. Those individuals were shown to be far and above the others. Snape did not invent flying - he learned it from Voldemort, who was the one who divined how to do it and flew in 7 Potters when Snape was still on a broom. Further, in comparison the magic we saw from Dumbldore - or the Hallows created by the brothers - or Voldemort Flying and the other magics he worked in canon are far more advanced to any of Snape's efforts we saw in canon, imo. Indeed in the end, Voldemort killed Snape at a time when it was crucial for Snape to remain alive (so he could deliver the memories), but Voldemort defeated Snape and killed him - so that I think speaks for itself. Thus, that is what I base my opinion on - though I respect your view.


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