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Re: Star Wars Lego 1&2

Originally Posted by chparadise View Post
Wait, there's a third now? *searches for PS2 version*

These are two of my favorite games. They're great games to play with friends and / or significant others, too. If you're angry with each other you can beat each other up without messing up the game
Yep, there's three. The first one is episodes 1-3. The second is 4-6. The third is the complete saga. It has all movies, some different levels and a tons of new things to unlock. (it's only available for the newest consoles)

In the last one there is a duel mode where you can just beat up the other player without dealing with a mission.

As for what character I make: I always make a girl Sith (shocking, I know ) She has a red lightsaber, black robes and hood. I name her "Darth Jennius." (after my real name Jenn)

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