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Re: Little Questions Answered v14

Originally Posted by meesha1971 View Post
That's the point though. The Elixir of Life didn't actually make a person immortal. It extended their life and apparently had regenerative properties. Voldemort didn't want to use the Elixir as a means to cheat death for all those reasons. He would have to drink it regularly - which means he would be dependent upon the potion. If the stone was stolen and/or destroyed he would have to find another way. And it's not really clear if the Elixir of Life would prevent unnatural death - such as the Avada Kedavra curse. It sounds more like it only prevented natural death from aging.
I doubt that. The Aveda Kedavra curse does not kill instantaneously. Remember, both Sirius and Bellatrix laughed just after they'd been hit. It more simply stops the heart. No damage or anything, but the heart stops. However, with the elixer, you wouldn't really have any need for a heart, as both the brain and all muscles wouldn't need the fresh oxygen to survive.

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