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Re: Little Questions Answered v14

Originally Posted by WendyPotter View Post
That is a very good point...he would still be mortal because he could still be killed. And he didn't want to be mortal. He didn't want to depend on anything.
That's why the Elixir wasn't Voldemort's first choice. He resorted to trying to steal the Sorcerer's Stone because it would be an easy way to get a body back. After he had gotten a body again, I doubt he would have continued to depend on the Elixir and would have gone back to his original plan of Horcruxes.
What happened to Dawlish?
We don't have much information on Dawlish. The only real time he has been discussed was on PotterCast here.
PotterCast Interview with J.K. Rowling, 17 December 2007JKR: You know what, I find it so incredibly endearing that you like Dawlish, and that's why his name is now John Dawlish, as we know. In tribute to you. And that will indeed be a note in the Encyclopedia, or "The Scottish Book", as we are now calling it. Dawlish had to be good. He had to be good because he became an Auror. There's no denying that. But he has his weaknesses and Dumbledore knew how to exploit them. Let's face it. Anyone, anyone going up to Dumbledore pre-trying on the Horcrux, pre-maiming his hand, anyone is gonna be in trouble going up against Dumbledore. Even Voldemort didn't want to do it. So there's no dishonor to Dawlish.

JN: Well, certainly though, was Dumbledore involved in--

JKR: In weakening him?

JN: You said it was Mrs. Longbottom?

JKR: By the time Augusta Longbottom got to him, he had been-- several people had attacked Dawlish. I mean, I think he was a bit punch-drunk by that point, you know. He had become a favorite punch-bag of the Order of the Phoenix by then. So I don't think he was firing on all cylinders. But I really saw Mrs. Longbottom as a powerful witch. So, um, sorry.


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