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More Questions than Answers in DH?

DH was a magnificent book. It moved swiftly but I did feel that JKR has created more questions than given us answers in this book.

Lily green eyes? What was the significance? Harry's glasses, why are they important?

How did Aberforth know to contact Harry at important times? How could Ron speak Parseltongue?

Why was Dumbledore so uncaring of Snape when Snape was the only man in Voldy's inner circle and was sacrificing so much?

The way Dumbledore dismisses Snape's death speaks poorly of him. Why did Dumbledore not make provisions to ensure Snape and Harry would meet and work together?

What was the ancient magic that Lily used to save Harry?

Why is there no portrait of Snape in Hogwats?

She also has not given us eager and very greedy readers(I am both) information about the major characters after nineteen years.

What happened to the issues that plagued the wizarding world?

The goblins and speaking of the goblins how dd Gryffindor's sword come back into the Hat from Griphook.

What happened to Hermione's SPEW?

What happened to the death eaters, the ones we know and hate?

The dementors - where are they now? Who has control?


A Patronus will go to the person intended. The place is not important. Why did Dumbledore wait until Phineas came with the information of the place Harry was staying at before telling Snape to send the Sword and the silver doe?

Why did Dumbledore not forge a relation ship between Harry and Snape? Why, why, why,....

Did you notice anything that raises a question than give you the answer?

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