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Re: Unanswered Questions from the HP Series

Originally Posted by mxchape04 View Post
I think the late in life was a relative term...Ariana Dumbledore performed a bit of uncontrolled magic to kill her mother. This would have come (little did she know) toward the later part of her life. Its just a theory, and i know that she had done magic earlier, but she had nevertheless given up all magical tendencies.

My question is: If Ariana gave up magical tendencies after her run in with the muggles, then why werent the dursleys able to quash the magic out of harry when they tried so hard to do so??
Harry had the same symptoms that Ariana had. He only used magic unwillingly when he was stressed or felt an emotion(usually anger) strongly[ look at Harry Potter 1] when he made the glass dissappear dudley fell into the snakes habitat. the reason ariana was different is because she chose to not do magic and kept it inside herself willingly and with full knowlege of what she was doing. whiel harry tryed to stop it but had no idea how he was doing it.

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