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Frequently Asked Harry Potter Questions

Here are some HP questions which have frequently been asked in our forums. If you don't find what you need here, feel free to post your question in Little Questions Answered v20. Questions related to the films still belong in Muggle Studies, though.

The answers have been collected from the books, J.K.Rowling Official Site and Accio Quote.

Another useful source of information is The Harry Potter Lexicon. The lexicon is, however not a primary source and can therefore not be considered canon.

Special thanks go to anabel, kingwidgit and Nicole. Without their great efforts this list would never have come into being. Thank you girls! And many thanks to Moriath who restored the links and tags after the crash!

This thread is now divided into several posts for easier maintenance.
Post 2 is for Characters
Post 3 is for Hogwarts
Post 4 is for Magic and Animals
Post 5 is for Miscellaneous
Post 6 is for Unanswered Questions.

Some of the questions here are answered in DH, but I keep them here still as they once upon a time were questions our membership liked to ask.

If you have suggestions for this thread, kindly owl any staffmember.


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