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Re: Sherlock

Only a week to Series 4! Am i the only one who's excited.

Also, the Moff has said (bold mine):

Interviewer: What do you mean when you say ghosts of the past are coming back?

Moff: By ghosts of the past we mean consequences. There are consequences to the kind of mad cap in-the-moment fun lives that Sherlock and John and Mary lead. There are things that have happened, there are enemies that they have made, there is damage that has been done and some of that is coming back to visit them. There will be surprises and when some of those surprises happen you’ll think “ah I should have seen that coming”.
I have also read interviews where both the Moff and the Cumberbunny suggest that this series will pick up plot arcs that were begun as far back as Series 1 which no fans seem to have noticed. I'm a little sceptical about this (Moffat also said that nobody had correctly guessed how Sherlock defied death in Series 2, when clearly several people had), but I'm excited about seemingly insignificant details/characters from earlier series suddenly becoming hugely significant.

Any ideas, people?

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