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Re: Best and Worst moments on television

It was an absolutely terrible ending, but Season 4 of Downton was entertaining even without Matthew. I'm just not sure where they'll go from here.

Three Stories (House subbing for a med school class and working his own case into the lecture) was one of my favorite House episodes, and probably one of the best ever of that series.

For lighter fare in Sherlock, I loved Holmes' wedding toast and the conversation immediately after. For whatever reason, my favorite line in the whole scene was Sherlock cueing the resumption of the music. I can't explain it. It's a complete throwaway line in the middle of an excellent scene.

Worst moments

Lois & Clark--The clone looking into the mirror saying "Stand by to be stunned."

Pretender--Broots' awful St. Valentine's fantasy/nightmare that devolved into absolute garbage.

Chuck--either the death of Steven Bartowski or Sarah losing her memory., attack in Season 6

JAG--worst visual and personal moment was Bud stepping on a land mine. Worst moment of the series was the bickering after the crash when Harm burned his career to save Mac (and Webb)...followed by Mac experiencing the Florence Nightingale Effect with Webb. Ugh!

NCIS--worst personal moment was Mrs. Vance's death, but the worst moment for the series was Ziva's write-off.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.

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