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Re: Broadchurch

Anyone? Anyone at all?

Spoiler: show
I'm now even more convinced it's Mr Miller - who else could Susan have mistaken for Nige? (unless it's the SOCO who fancies Miller, intending to frame her husband to get him out of the way )

Really relieved that Vince is still alive!

ETA Although, having thought about it, the scene a few weeks ago, where a worried Tom asked his (apparently totally unfazed father) what punishment you would get if you killed someone, doesn't totally fit with Joe being the killer. The implication of this scene was that Tom (a) killed Danny himself and was worried about what would happen to him (or, at the very least, he believed he had killed Danny, although he could have been mistaken) (b) knew or suspected that someone he knew and cared about was responsible and was worried about what would happen to them.

If Tom and Joe were in on the killing together (as some people on the web are suggesting), then surely he wouldn't have asked such a theoretical question? If Joe was the killer and Tom knew this, surely Joe would have been more unnerved by Tom's question and/or Tom would have dropped more hints that he knew? My suspicion is that either Tom wrongly believes he killed Danny and is worried on his own account unnecessarily (so the whole Tom-bashing-up-the-computer thing is just a red herring) or the real killer is someone close to Tom but not Joe - possibly Ellie. Alec also clearly doesn't trust Ellie at the moment, which is why he asked for the information on Danny's hard drive to be sent to his personal e-mail, not his police account, and why he told her to look for Tom's computer, knowing full well that it was already in police hands.

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