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Re: Deadliest Catch

Originally Posted by freelantzer View Post
It was actually Phil with the crab fart theory. He was moving his pots to a new location, and Josh was up in the wheel house with him. Phil was telling him that crabs are really gassy and fart a lot. He said when the sea is calm like that, you can see the tiny fart bubbles and smell crab farts. That's how you know where to set your pots. Josh was just laughing and laughing. They showed Phil outside smelling the air and talking about the smell of crab farts. All the guys on deck were smelling the air and laughing about crab farts. It seemed like a huge joke. But later, when they pulled their pots (full pots, btw) they acted like it was a serious theory.
OMG, I'm going to have to catch the rerun. That's hysterical.

I love Edgar, too, but my absolute favorite is Josh Harris. I know he kinda looks like a convict, but I still swoon over him because he's such a sweetheart--the way he looks after everyone on that boat, the way he took care of his dad and Murray when he was captaining.
I agree. Josh is a sweetheart. I don't think he looks like a convict at all. Maybe a little dangerous ...

Just saw Phil and the crab farts. Hilarious. He was so serious about it and Josh couldn't keep a straight face.

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