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Re: N C I S

Bunny and Mad_Druid - Looking over my answer about producer Bellisario, he may still be producing, but not have day to day input on the scripts/stories presented. I just know there was a disagreement and Mark Harmon got his way.

For this past season, I didn't like the part where Tony was doing all the undercover work for the Director, and nobody else on the team knew anything about it (and that was threaded throughout most of the season). I thought Tony's sneaking around to visit his doctor girlfriend at the hospital was pretty funny.

AngelicaSkye - That episode with Kate on the Presidental jet was the very first episode, so they have adjusted the Title opening to drop the Navy from NCIS because that was redundant, it's what the "N" stands for. I was watching CSI long before it became popular, the TV Guide that opening season predicted that it wouldn't have much of a following, plus it started out on Friday night (along with Saturday usually a TV graveyard). I don't remember if they moved that first season when they came back from the Christmas break or waited for the following season. All this is very long winded, and I do not remember that episode with Pauley. I'll have to watch for it, Spike TV is showing multiple episodes most days.

ETA: Bunny beat me on the Kate answer. That is how she joined NCIS and why she is mostly clueless on military protocal and procedure.

Bunny - I could hardly wait for Man From U.N.C.L.E. to come on, David was so cute, still is.

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