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Hey all, sorry if I made anyone upset about my post. I'm just trying to see both sides of the issue, that's just the way I am. Any who, I just got finished watching a "Clash of the Tritons" rerun, I noticed something, or at least remembered something, a question, they never did clarify what the whole Weevil, Lilly Kane thing was. I'm just wondering what everyone thinks. Weevil is the only character I don't a get certain vibe about, you know, one that is definite. I mean Logan is sarcastic and can be sweet, but we know him, as we know Wallace, and we know Donut, so what do we really know about Weevil. Even going to his house, we don't really get a vibe from him. What is he hiding? What do you think? And yes, Veronica Mars is smarter than me.


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