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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by MinervasCat View Post
I've often wondered if Lily's extreme talent in Potions might have come from some help from the Half-blood Prince. Snape was very talented in Potions, as we know from his notes. But, we didn't hear much from Slughorn about Snape's abilities, just Lily's. I've often wondered why.
Or perhaps they were her own skills, her own hard work.

Once Sev and Lily were sorted into separate Houses, I think the "friendship" was condemned from there. Even though they spent time together at school,
I've never been sure about the "best friend" thing. That insinuates "equals," and, as I said before, I don't think Lily thought of Snape as an equal. I think he was just someone she needed at the time to help her understand her magical abilities and to help her keep from feeling like the "freak" that Petunia kept calling her.
Teenage Snape considered Lily a Mudblood - this shows he was the one who didn't see her as an equal. What evidence is there that Lily didn't consider Severus an equal?

We don't see enough about what went on day-to-day as far as them visiting each other's homes, having anything in common besides magic. Nothing about celebrating events together, etc. Just magic.
That wouldn't be enough to maintain a friendship for the first five years of Hogwarts when they both had other magical friends, and they both had other friends long before fifth year -Lily's who didn't see why she made excuses for him, Snape's who considered Lily and those like her to be scum. The only memories we see are those relevant to the development and end of their friendship.

I think they would have remained friends, but, there would have come a time when it would have ended because, unlike Harry and Hermoine's friendship for example, Snape was in love with Lily, and, I don't think she was in love with him. Eventually, it would have blown up, one way or the other. The difference in the Houses was just the catalist that helped to bring about the end.
Therein lies part of the problem -Lily wasn't in any way obliged to return Snape's feelings.

Of course, we know that Snape became involved with the DE's in Slytherin and Lily became more set against them and Snape as well because of things said about them in Gryffindor.
Not to mention the things they did - the Dark Magic Mulciber used against Mary Macdonald and the final straw was Snape calling Lily a Mudblood - showing that he really did just consider her an exception to his prejudices, imo.

Since he was so good at potions, I've always wondered why he didn't slip Lily a mild love potion. Guess that shows he did have honor.
That's not honour, that's just common decency, respecting someone's right to make their own decisions. IMO, feeding someone a love potion to gain their artificial affection is utterly despicable - it was completely wrong of Merope to give Riddle Sr. the love potion, it was utterly wrong of Romilda to try to slip love potion to Harry. Likewise if Snape had given Lily love potion.

Snape apologized, but, it was too little too late. I think Lily was losing interest in him by then, and moving away from him. I think the "Mudblood" incident gave her the reason she was looking for to end the friendship, such as it was at that time. I think Snape was totall dependant on her for real affection, and, I think that affection, for whatever reasons, was waning. I don't think Lily was mean, she was just a young woman who was at a stage in her life where she was looking at her future and, Snape didn't fit into it.
What indication is there that Lily wanted to end the friendship? I don't think "Mudblood" was the perfect excuse Lily had been looking for, I think it was a terrible betrayal of a friend on Snape's part. And certainly, someone who shared the views of Death Eaters in relation to people like Lily and people like her parents had no place in the future of a young woman who had "chosen her path" -i.e. opposition to that kind of terrorism.


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